megan weston


Special thank you to Lucy Fenton and the Fenton & Fenton team for putting on an amazing show, it was a fabulous night with not only the artwork but my new handmade vessels, platters and the launch of my new 'studio floor' cushion range, I should also note along with F&F's usual high standards of styling there were some rocking metallic plants dotted throughout to put the finishing touches on just nicely.. A huge thank you to Darren Palmer for officially opening the show!!... also we cannot forget the amazing bubbles supplied by Terindah Estate so thank you, also a special mention to Marvin the driver and his fabulous ride.. we loved it!! (sorry it was such a late night for you though... ;) Most of all a huge thank you to everyone who came along to the opening night to make it so special, it was so nice to finally to meet you all!

We hope by now everyone has had their artworks delivered and are gracing the walls of your homes as stately masterpieces (as its meant to be of course;))

If you have missed out on your own special piece of artwork then please email to go on the wish list, so they can contact you once they have a whole new range of works to be viewed....