Megan Weston is a Barwon Heads artist, best known for her large, abstract, aerial works.Weston uses aerial photography as her central inspiration. Her topographical portraits represent sea and land formations in vivid colour and with dynamic energy.

Working from a photographic referent that is transformed on canvas, Weston’s interpretative landscapes pay homage to how our experience of place is both timeless and evolving. Her work salutes a chaotic excess produced in the process of transposition from reality to representation. It is subjective, personal and romantic.

With a focus on the natural environment, and its reconceptualisation, Weston’s oeuvre is also invested contemporary dialogues about the future of the planet. As a young mother, the artist is concerned about contemporary climate challenges. Her response is to depict the beauty of the natural environment as an adventure that is grand, optimistic and pleasurable.

Weston has pioneered new effects with resin. Her textural manipulations, layering of forms, universe of colour, the size and shapes of her paintings, the variety of mixed media and the physical performance of her work all underline her status as one of Australia’s most popular abstract landscape artists. The artist has also released a signature line of domestic objects including side tables, vessels and platters.

Weston’s work has been seen on Rebecca Judd LovesThe Block, PostcardsThe Design Files, in Darren Palmer’s book Easy Luxury, the Geelong Advertiser, Est Magazine, Inside Out, Real Living, Women’s Weekly Homes, OK and Belle. Her canvasses hang in the collections of many well-known Australian personalities including Jennifer Hawkins, Megan Gale, Darren Palmer, Casey Dellaqua, Shaynna Blaze, Dale and Sophie Vine and Bec and George Douros. In 2011, she was a finalist in the Waterhouse Art Prize.  In 2014, Weston exhibited ‘Altitude’ at Melbourne’s exclusive design store, Fenton & Fenton. She returned to Fenton & Fenton to present ‘Icelandia’ in 2015.