megan weston

Welcome to the Garden State!!

After the heavy slumber of winter, Garden State represents Victoria through the soft focus of the Spring muse.

Leaving behind the dull landscapes that accompanied our lowered expectations of the colder months, Weston opens the door to a world transformed by sun and light. In her aerial dialects, outer layers are discarded, the sky expands and days grow longer. Like the blush in lovers' cheeks and the first buds of jasmine, Weston's Garden State celebrates the hope and possibility of the fairer months in her home state. With a spring palette featuring fairy floss - pink, dusky spearmint, apple green, smoky mauve and her signature aquamarine, Weston blends home life with holiday. The result is an enchanting dance through our towns, ranges and coastlines.

Running instore and online at Fenton & Fenton September the 10th - September 20th, 2015.